Putting Students First

  Supporting each student's intellectual, social and emotional development.
  Reducing school overcrowding and creating positive learning environments by reopening closed schools. Read more...
  Preparing students with 21st century skills including foreign language instruction for all elementary school students. Read more...
  Making decisions based on data and best practices, in an inclusive, collaborative and responsive process. Read more...

A Collaborative and Committed Community Leader

Father of five · Google Engineer · Dedicated Community Volunteer for Youth · Member of PAUSD Local Control Accountability Plan Committee · Member of Project Safety Net Community Engagement Committee · Educated at Yale and University of Arizona · Consultant to U.S. Department of Education, Gates Foundation, and Education Trust West · PhD in Sociology sign.jpgBecky Beacom, Charter Member of Project Safety Net and 2013 Tall Tree Award Winner, endorses Ken for School Board.

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Ken would love to hear from you! You can email him at kenneth.dauber@gmail.com or give him a call at 650-906-4340.

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Ken is the only candidate to have been endorsed by 3 local newspapers!
"No one, and certainly none of the other candidates, has committed anything close to the time, energy and patience Dauber has in following, studying and advocating on district issues during these difficult two years. He has been a voice for reason, transparency, data-driven decision-making and for respectful treatment of all parents, teachers and students. Dauber has practically been a sixth board member in the room at board meetings, often weighing in on issues with more clarity and insight than board members. We are squandering this resource to our detriment if we do not elect him to the board." Read the Weekly's endorsement.
"We believe that as students who attend a PAUSD high school and are directly impacted each day by PAUSD policies, it is crucial that we voice our support for those candidates running whom we believe will best support young people like ourselves in achieving not only academic success, but also social and mental wellness, in this district... We support Ken Dauber, a software engineer at Google, because of his dedication to the district, research, understanding and usage of real, empirical data and his bold, unfaltering commitment to a variety of significant issues." Read the Campanile's endorsement.
Dauber "cares deeply about the social and emotional well-being of students and has built parent coalitions to push for policy changes such as adjusting the calendar year to hopefully reduce student pressure . . . many of his points have been spot-on and he has forced the district to take a closer look at itself." Read the Daily News endorsement.

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Contact: kenneth.dauber@gmail.com or 650-906-4340

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