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Ken is a member of the Palo Alto Unified School District board, elected in 2014.

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UPDATE: The high school WASC plans will be on the regular agenda for the March 10 school board meeting. This is a golden opportunity to participate in a discussion of our high schools' long range plan for improvements in teaching, counseling, the achievement gap, and social and emotional well-being. (For more details, including what WASC stands for, see my previous blog post). The WASC plans were on the February 24 consent agenda, meaning that they would not be discussed -- but I pulled the item from the consent agenda for consideration during the regular agenda. The Superintendent requested that we delay discussing the plans until March 10 to allow for some of the many administrators, teachers, parents, and students who helped create the plans to come to the meeting. I was happy to agree, as having a broad and informative conversation about the WASC plans is precisely the point of pulling them from the consent agenda.

Every six years, our high schools each complete a major planning document that guides all aspects of the school management for the next six years. The plan is a requirement of accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This document (the "WASC plan") governs social emotional and academic programming at the school. Our 2 high schools have been working for the past year (2 years at Paly) on their WASCs, and have involved many teachers, students, administrators, and parents at each school site. The WASC plans for Gunn and Paly will be on the school board agenda for Tuesday, February 24.

Please come to a youth forum on Sunday, March 1 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., entitled "Listening to Youth Voices." The forum will be held at First Congregational Church in Palo Alto. Please see the flyer for details and our Facebook page for updates. The purpose of the forum is to provide middle and high school youth in our community the opportunity to speak about their lives at school and in the community, and for adults to listen to them.

The program will include student speakers, and an open mike portion where any young person can speak on any topic they wish to.

The forum is co-sponsored by a wide range of community groups and faith communities. Pat Burt, a member of the Palo Alto City Council, will make introductions, and I will make some concluding remarks. Becky Beacom of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation will serve as moderator. We hope you can come, and bring along a young person to participate.

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  Supporting each student's intellectual, social and emotional development.
  Reducing school overcrowding and creating positive learning environments by reopening closed schools. Read more...
  Preparing students with 21st century skills including foreign language instruction for all elementary school students. Read more...
  Making decisions based on data and best practices, in an inclusive, collaborative and responsive process. Read more...

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