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Ken is a member of the Palo Alto Unified School District board, elected in 2014.

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I plan to use this blog as one way to communicate with the community about important issues in PAUSD. I hope that you will find it useful, and most importantly that you will share with me your feedback at kdauber@pausd.org. I will do a better job the more I hear from you about your experiences, concerns, and insights. Help me to reach our collective goal of putting students first in all of our work.

My first month in office has been marked by a resurgence of community concern about stress in our schools, a discussion of differences in bullying rates in our middle schools, the first meetings of the superintendent's task force on minority achievement, and a board discussion I initiated about whether to continue spending time and money pursuing appeals in closed civil rights cases.

Ken's priorities.

  Supporting each student's intellectual, social and emotional development.
  Reducing school overcrowding and creating positive learning environments by reopening closed schools. Read more...
  Preparing students with 21st century skills including foreign language instruction for all elementary school students. Read more...
  Making decisions based on data and best practices, in an inclusive, collaborative and responsive process. Read more...

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Ken would love to hear from you! You can email him at kdauber@pausd.org or give him a call at 650-906-4340.

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