Local Officials

Greg Scharff (Vice Mayor of Palo Alto; Palo Alto City Council member)
Larry Klein (Palo Alto City Council member; former Mayor of Palo Alto)
Pat Burt (Palo Alto City Council member; former Mayor of Palo Alto)
Sid Espinosa (Palo Alto City Council member; former Mayor of Palo Alto)
Gail Price (Palo Alto City Council member; former Vice President, PAUSD School Board)
Greg Schmid (Palo Alto City Council member; former member, PAUSD School Board)
Karen Holman (Palo Alto City Council member)
Peter Drekmeier (former Palo Alto City Council member; former Mayor of Palo Alto)
Yoriko Kishimoto (former Palo Alto City Council member; former Mayor of Palo Alto)
Leland Levy (former Palo Alto City Council member; former Mayor of Palo Alto)
Hillary Freeman (former Palo Alto City Council member)
Arthur Keller (member, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission)
Linda Murray (former Superintendent, San Jose Unified School District)
Hank Levin (former PAUSD school board member)
Diane Reklis (former PAUSD school board President)
Susie Richardson (former PAUSD school board President)
Edel Young (former PAUSD school board member)

democratic-party.jpg Endorsed by the Santa Clara County Democratic Party

Friends and Neighbors (partial list)

  • Bill Abrams
  • Esther Wojcicki
  • Othar Hansson
  • Karen Kang
  • Kriss Deiglmeier
  • Sally Bemus
  • Janet Dafoe, Ph.D.
  • Jo Boaler, Prof., Stanford Sch. of Ed.
  • Wynn Hausser
  • Amy Balsom
  • Eamonn Callan, Prof., Stanford Sch. of Ed.
  • Sara Woodham
  • Peggy Jane Triulzi
  • Yves-Renee Syverain, R.N.
  • Mary Vincent
  • Joanna Strober
  • Carolina Moraes-Liu
  • LaToya Baldwin-Clark
  • Kim Bomar
  • Trish Davis
  • Kathy Sharp
  • Marielena Gaona-Mendoza
  • Barbara Slone
  • Roger Pierno
  • David Slone
  • Simon Firth
  • Gregory Eitzmann
  • Randall Keller
  • Greg Smitherman
  • Rajiv Bhateja
  • Mary Jo Strnad
  • Michael Mills
  • Lydia Klussman
  • Catherine Kirkman
  • Joan Polinsky
  • Colleen Crangle
  • Aziz Azzougar
  • Emily Grant-Gould
  • Catherine Nitta
  • Kent Stormer
  • Arnie Papp
  • Bruce Jaffe
  • Linda Murray
  • Stefania Pomponi Butler
  • Keith Wu
  • Dorit Scharff
  • Laura Wolfe
  • June Klein
  • Ralph Richard Banks
  • Tracy Stevens
  • Owen Byrd
  • Janet Levine
  • Philip Levine
  • Sheryl Klein
  • Marilee Anderson
  • Sally Wood
  • Colleen Crangle
  • Carrol Cleveland
  • Chris Gaither
  • Barry Medoff
  • Mitch Polinsky, Prof. of Law, Stanford
  • Elizabeth Price, M.D.
  • Colin Haysman, Stanford Sch. of Ed.
  • Lars Johnsson
  • Adam Strassberg, M.D.
  • Steven Tadelis
  • Erica Weirich, M.D.
  • Milliardaire Syverain, M.D.
  • Angie Cole
  • Deborah Sivas, Prof. of Law, Stanford
  • Crindy Stormer
  • Jason Strober
  • Meri Gruber
  • Marie-Leonore Faiez
  • Valerie Kockelman
  • Robert Henderson
  • Mamie Gong Poggio
  • A.J. Lumsdaine
  • Bertha Cervantes
  • Trevor Bisset
  • Meera Bhateja, M.D.
  • Patrick Grogan
  • Maeve Grogan
  • Tino Cuellar, Prof. of Law, Stanford
  • Kacey Carpenter
  • Elaine Kearney
  • Dave Kearney
  • Donni Wang
  • Daja Phillips
  • Paige Parsons
  • Catherine Falkenhagen
  • Emily Ryo
  • Tanya Halepota
  • Karen Walker
  • Marilu Hemenway
  • Joyce Schmid
  • Susan Nitta
  • Paul Krieger
  • Michelle Mendoza
  • Anna Waring
  • Roy Pea, Prof., Stanford, Sch. of Ed.
  • Cindy Krieger
  • April House
  • Hayyah Muller, M.D.
  • Daniel Cher
  • Steven Sherman
  • Nadia Naik
  • David Bailey
  • Nicole Hemenway
  • Winter Dellenbach
  • Janet Dixon
  • Sam Anderson
  • Janice Miller
  • Mary Sharma
  • Brendan Hickey
  • Dennise Dalma
  • Richard Alexander
  • Gina Dalma
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We Endorse Ken
Esther Wojcicki, Paly journlism teacher and California Teacher of the Year in 2002, endorses Ken: "[I am] impressed with his sincerity, his ideas and vision for the district. He knows that teachers are the key to good education and wants to support their efforts in the classroom. As a teacher in the district, I am endorsing Ken Dauber for PAUSD school board."
Endorsing Ken, the Palo Alto Weekly says "We are confident only about Melissa Baten Caswell and Ken Dauber. Each of them has a firm grasp of the governance problems, is willing to assert the board's responsibility to make decisions and places a high value on transparency and parent participation. "
The Campanile, Paly's student newspaper, endorses Ken: ""We feel most compelled to support non-incumbent Ken Dauber. . . Dauber has helped shape homework policy, drive discussions on student well-being and Project Safety Net and more."
The Palo Alto Daily News writes, "We believe Ken Dauber would add a beneficial dimension to the Palo Alto School Board and endorse him."

Visit Ken on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Contact: kenneth.dauber@gmail.com or 650-906-4340

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