An Open and Effective School District

  Managing the district's financial resources in a way that is prudent and prioritizes the classroom.
  School board meetings with focused discussions, clear outcomes, and reasonable end times.
  Make decisions based on data and best practices, with full transparency and open discussion.

We all share a vision for a well managed, well governed school district. We want a Board of Education that is transparent, accountable to the public for its decisions and for results, and guided by the best thinking and data to ensure that every child is supported in reaching his or her potential. We want district administration that makes the best use of its resources -- largely, taxes and contributions from district residents -- to educate our students.

The fact that the district is continuing to face budget shortfalls despite high property tax revenues is a sign that improvement is needed. A key priority for my second term is a better managed, more effective district that is frugal in administration in order to direct dollars to hiring teachers for classrooms.

The school board itself has been transformed over the course of my term, particularly in the last two years as I've served as Vice President and now President. Working with my colleagues, we now have:

  • Meetings that typically end on time.
  • A practice of using motions and amendments to effectively capture the will of the Board, and to produce public accountability for decisions.
  • A budgeting process that allows the Board to set priorities for spending of public education dollars.
  • A clear division of responsibility in which the Board sets policy and priorities, and the staff does the professional work of implementation.

In my second term, I'll continue to work for a Board that is focused on students and that exemplifies a clear, rational decision making process that our community can have confidence in.



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