Social and Emotional Wellbeing

  A fully implemented district homework policy, with metrics and measurements to monitor the quantity and quality of homework.
  Continued improvement in advisory and guidance counseling at both high schools.
  Improved test and project scheduling to reduce work pileups for our middle and high school students.
  Continuous improvement in mental health services.

Healthy students are better learners

It seems self-evident that healthy, well-rested students will be better learners. They will be more alert, more open to new experiences, and more engaged with their teachers and fellow students. But like many districts similar to ours, we struggle with forces that pull our students in other directions. Building into our schools a conscious focus on student health -- social, emotional, and physical -- makes a real difference for our kids.

Over my first term, I've kept my promise to make the wellbeing of our students a top priority for me and for PAUSD.

  • I supported significant increases in mental health funding and services for our students, including wellness centers at both high schools.
  • I led the successful effort to promote sleep by eliminating academic classes during "zero period," which begins before 7:30 in the morning.
  • I've kept my commitment to improve social emotional learning in our schools, including the addition of advisory periods at Gunn.

In my second term, I'll focus on unfinished business, particularly homework. Despite the district's homework policy and my best efforts, our students are still spending more time on homework than the policy provides, at the cost of sleep, free time and family time after school, and learning. I've worked to keep the school board and the district focused on this problem, and I'll redouble my efforts in a second term.

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