Social and emotional wellbeing on the school board agenda


We are all heartbroken from the loss of another student from Gunn High School on Saturday. My thoughts are with the family, and the students and staff at Gunn and our other schools, as I'm sure yours are as well.

On the school board's agenda for Tuesday, January 27, is the district's mental health and wellness services. This is an opportunity to discuss how we can take positive action to improve suicide prevention mental health resources for our students, and more generally how to improve student social and emotional wellbeing. From my perspective, one important area of focus for the board is ensuring that the policies and direction that the board has already adopted are fully implemented in areas such as homework and counseling.

I expect that we will begin this item around 8:00 p.m. The agenda may be shortened to allow more focus on social emotional health. I hope you will be able to attend and share your views with the board and district leadership.

This is a difficult time for our community. If anyone would like to reach out to me to share your thoughts, please feel free to email me or call me at 650-906-4340.

Finally, the ribbon pictured at right is a suicide prevention awareness ribbon. I will be wearing one at board meetings from now on, and I invite others to do the same.

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