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ballot_sm.jpgMy Measure A ballot came in the mail this afternoon. Tomorrow morning it's going back, marked "YES". I hope that you will do the same. Some elections present hard choices. This isn't one of them. Our schools need the revenue provided by the parcel tax, both for core expenses -- the parcel tax pays for 85 full-time school staff, including 67 teachers -- and to make possible many of the positive things that you and I have worked for, including stronger supports for social and emotional wellness and learning, addressing the achievement gap, meeting the needs of growing enrollment by opening schools, and introducing foreign language education in our elementary schools. 

These are not just slogans. I am optimistic about progress on a range of issues for our students. Today Dr. McGee announced that he is eliminating early morning academic classes during "zero period", to protect students' ability to get the sleep they need for health and learning. Just last week the school board earmarked $250,000 in immediate funding this year for school-based mental health services for the high schools. That's the kind of response that depends on stable funding for basic services represented by the parcel tax. Dr. McGee is about to bring forward a package of measures to address the achievement gap, another positive step for our students that ultimately depends on funding from the parcel tax. Without the parcel tax, we will be focusing on where to make deep cuts, not how to make improvements for our students.

For more information and to endorse the measure, visit the Measure A campaign website. If you would like to host a lawn sign or help with phone banking -- both high impact, low cost ways to help -- you can do so on the campaign website, or let me know and I will connect you with volunteer leaders.

Thank you again for your support for our schools. And before you seal the envelope, go ahead and post a picture of yourself with your ballot on Facebook -- it will help to inspire your friends to do the same.

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