Teaching Every Child

  Strengthen cooperation with special education families.
  Computer literacy for every PAUSD graduate.
  Close the achievement gap by using data to identify and address areas of weakness.
  Focus attention on reaching every student, including students in the middle.


Meeting the needs of every student. In my first term, I supported district efforts to improve a disappointing record in both special education services and efforts to lift the achievement of historically undeserved students. We have made real progress in both areas -- but I'm committed to continuing to provide the leadership and funding needed for positive change, and to improve accountability and transparency.

Accountability for our educational mission. PAUSD has made real progress in my first term towards a more data-driven approach to assessing the value of educational offerings. A key step has been building a robust set of dashboards to track key metrics. I will continue to be a strong advocate for a disciplined, data-driven methodology for decision making in the district, to ensure that our students get the best results.

Computer literacy. Our students should be graduating from our schools with enough understanding of computer programming that they can participate meaningfully in a world increasingly run by code. Our girls in particular are less likely to take any computer science classes, which makes them less able to opt in college for an engineering discipline if they wish to. In my first term I supported an effort that will lead to a comprehensive computer science curriculum across the district. In particular, I am committed to ensuring that every student takes at least one computing class before they leave our district.



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